New Beginnings Wood Inc. is the place for an array of figured wood for all your woodworking needs.

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In the world of woodworking, the “figure” of a wood refers to the unique textural appearance of its grains and lines. Caused by the natural growth and...
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Due to stress, injury, infestation, or disease, occasionally trees develop abnormal growths along their roots and trunks. Sometimes these growths go...
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Exotic Lumber grows all over the world, from the tropical rainforests of Central America to the hardwood groves of Africa. These woods are renowned for...

New Beginnings Wood Inc. has the best stock of beautiful burl wood for carpenters and hobbyists.

Welcome to New Beginnings Wood Inc.

Wood is a versatile medium. It is easier to shape than stone, stronger than paint and canvas, and more practical than precious metals. It is the perfect form of artistic expression, regardless of your intentions. If you are installing a gorgeous hardwood floor or shaping a one-of-a-kind vase, exotic wood will impress everyone. No matter what the project, we have the building blocks of your next endeavor.

At New Beginnings Wood Inc., we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect wood for any project. We have figured wood, burl wood, and exotic lumber. Our wood is available in the form of pen blanks, guitar blanks, and carving blocks. This variety is ideal for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels. From the middle school wood shop to the meticulously kept shop of the craftsman, everyone can find what they need at our store. We will make every effort to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Among our figured wood inventory are spalted wood and stabilized woods (acrylic impregnated woods). Spalted wood has been colored by fungi. Even though this may weaken the wood, the stabilization process will help. Acrylic impregnated wood is wood injected with a resin that makes the wood more durable and longer lasting. This process also brings out the grain in the stabilized wood, making them all the more stunning.

Our burl wood is locally grown and has a fantastic appearance. Caused by a deformation that develops on the tree, the final product looks stunning. The exotic lumber grown in the Pacific Northwest has qualities matching those of exotic lumbers from all over the world. When you purchase your lumber from New Beginnings Wood Inc., your finished product will stand out.

Woodworking is the best hobby in the world. No matter what project you have in mind, we have the lumber for you. Head on over to New Beginnings Wood Inc. today and start your next project!